This scavenger-hunt-style race tests your mind and body as the sun goes down on the first night of Tuck Fest. Teams will be given a map and punch card at the start of the race and will be challenged to find and complete as many checkpoints as possible throughout the facility. Teams must start together, complete each checkpoint together, and finish together. A good strategy will be necessary as checkpoints can be completed in any order within the two hour time frame. The most checkpoints completed with corresponding punches wins. In the event of a tie, time taken to complete the checkpoints will serve as tie breaker. A headlamp or an illumination device is required.

Teams must be comprised of two to five members. All travel must be on foot, and bushwhacking is not allowed. Singletrack trail must be traveled in the designated trail direction; roads/service roads may be traveled in either direction.

Race will start and finish at theĀ Ridge Pavilion.


2024 Results