Ashley Fisher

Ashley is a 17 year old competitive climber based in Boulder, CO. She has been climbing for over ten years and competes in both the youth and adult circuits. Her favorite places to climb are Mallorca, Spain, Rifle, Colorado and Hueco Tanks, Texas.

Ben Hanna

A van-dwelling athlete, climbing is Ben Hanna’s passion. This includes everything from scary off-widths to competition bouldering, but deep water solo competitions are where he truly shines. He has flashed up to 5.14a, and redpointed routes as hard as 5.14c/d. Ben’s spirit animal is The Hulk, and in his spare time he coaches young climbers and sets routes at his local gym.

Ben is a returning Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo competitor.

Carlo Traversi

Carlo Traversi is an American professional climber and two-time USA Sport Climbing National Champion based out of Sacramento, CA. One of the most well rounded climbers in the world, Carlo has climbed V15 boulders, 5.14d sport routes, 5.14c trad, and has won or placed highly in top American bouldering competitions for the past 10 years.

Carlo Traversi was the 2017 Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo Champion.

Dylan Alvarez

Dylan is an aspiring climber from Miami. His favorite ascents include Zulu (14a) in Rifle, CO and anything in Hueco Tanks or Joe’s Valley. Although Dylan now lives closer to real mountains in Salt Lake City, he grew up spending all his free time water skiing in Miami, where he developed a deep love for the water.

Emma Hunt

Emma is a 16-year-old who has been climbing since she was 5 years old, and is an accomplished climber at both the National and International levels. She is the 2019 USA Climbing Speed Climbing National Champion for both the Female Open and Youth A categories. She holds the USA Climbing Female Speed Climbing record of 8.17 seconds for the 15M wall. While Emma loves speed climbing, she is also equally psyched on bouldering and sport climbing.

Emma is a returning Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo competitor.

Favia Dubyk

Favia is a 32 year old boulderer, physician, and cancer survivor based out of Albuquerque, NM. She specializes in lowball roofs and has climbed up to V11. Favia is an animal lover and takes care of 5 cats and 1 dog with her husband, Brian.

Julia Duffy

Julia Duffy is a 15 year old Charlotte-based climber. She started climbing at the Whitewater Center when she was 8 years old. Since then, she has represented team Inner Peaks in a variety of local and national competitions. Outside of climbing, she enjoys taking part in mountain bike races.

Julia is a returning Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo competitor.

Luke Cornejo

Luke is a climber based out of Knoxville, TN whose hobby draws nearer to obsession every year. He loves all styles of climbing and rock types, but is partial to bouldering and sport climbing on immaculate southern sandstone. Luke has climbed up to V10 and 5.13c.

Luke is a returning Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo competitor.

Michaela Tracy

Michaela is a passionate climber and competitor. A regular on the World Cup circuit, she has competed in the finals of the World Championships, and finished ranked within the top ten for the IFSC Bouldering World Cup Series. She has been deep water soloing around the world, and earlier this year won the Psicobloc Open Series competition in Montreal.

Meagan Martin

Meagan Martin is a professional climber, Ninja Warrior, and model who lives in Sacramento, California. She started climbing at age 11 in Orlando, Florida at Aiguille Rock Climbing Center and climbed for about 4 years before turning her focus on gymnastics. While in college, she was a pole-vaulter and began climbing competitively again. Meagan enjoys coaching kids and hopes that she can inspire kids across the country to find what they are passionate about and go for it.

Meagan was the 2019 Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo Champion and placed 2nd in 2018’s competition.

Sarah Kate Ashton

Sarah Kate (“SK”) is a 16 year old competitive rock climber from Dallas, TX. She has been climbing for 8 years and is a member of the Lone Star Climbing team. She has a passion for both youth and adult competition and is proud to have represented the US in Moscow, Russia and Arco, Italy at the last two Youth World Championships. SK’s favorite outdoor climbing areas are Hueco Tanks, TX and Rifle, CO.

Sienna (CeCe) Kopf

Sienna Kopf first pulled on plastic at the age of 11, and since then she has dedicated her life to competitive climbing. From Golden, Colorado, she has extensive National and International experience competing in Lead, Speed, and Bouldering. Tuck Fest will be her first Deep Water Solo competition.

Sophia Curcio

Sophia Curcio is a 14 year old competitive rock climber from Team Inner Peaks in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has been climbing competitively for 4 years and competes in the USA Climbing Youth Circuit.

Sophia is a returning Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo competitor.

Vincent Sablich

Vincent Sablich, 17 years old, is from Saratoga Springs, NY and is a senior in high school. His biggest accomplishments include representing the US at the Youth World Championships in Moscow, Russia and winning the Psicobloc Open Series junior category in Montreal, Canada.

Zander Waller

Zander Waller is a 16 year old rock climber from Atlanta, Georgia who has been climbing indoors competitively for 8 years. He also enjoys outdoor climbing, having climbed up to a 5.14c/8c+ route and V13/8b boulder.

Zander is a returning Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo competitor.

Zoe Steinberg

 Zoe grew up in North Jersey and started climbing at a local gym when she was 8 years old. She entered her first competition shortly after and competed in climbing events at an international level, both as a kid and on the open circuit. She still competes, but lately has found herself more motivated to get outside and travel, as well as pursue disciplines of the sport besides bouldering and sport climbing.

Zoe is a returning Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo competitor.


Aaron Davis – Route Setter

Aaron Davis began setting over a decade ago at his home gym, The Edge Rock Gym, in Jacksonville, FL. He’s currently the Head Routesetter at Cliff Hangers Climbing in Mooresville, NC. He’s been involved with setting for the Tuck Fest Deep Water Solo Competition the last three years and is excited to be back for the fourth year in a row. When he’s not putting holds up, you can usually find Aaron outside climbing NC boulders or playing video games while chowing down on southern food.