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Outdoor Cooking

We’ll be demoing both Backcountry and Front Country meals for you to enjoy. Get an up-close look at different types of stoves and fuel, things to think about when menu planning, and Leave No Trace clean up techniques.  Age Range: families and children ages 8-12.

Saturday, Apr 30 - 5:00pm

Location: Adventure Pavilion

Extreme Engineering

See how STEM principles are applied in the real world. Discover all the factors that go into building safe and functional high ropes elements, learn about our specialized equipment and the power of pulleys, and build your own functional zipline from scratch! Age Range: families and children ages 8-12.

Saturday, Apr 30 - 11:00am

Sunday, May 1 - 1:00pm

Location: Adventure Pavilion

Wilderness Medicine

Learn the best ways to take care of a sprained or broken limb when in the wild. No specialized first aid equipment here! Only the things you’d have with you on an outdoor adventure.  Age Range: families and children ages 8-12.

Sunday, May 1 - 11:00am

Location: Adventure Pavilion



Strength Training as a Runner

Join Camp Gladiator as they teach you how to build strength as a runner to improve stamina and speed. You'll learn how the posterior chain, core, lateral movements, and working in different planes of motion, all contribute to your strength, speed and longevity as a runner. Come ready to participate if you want to try out what you learn and leave with a plan of action that you can immediately put to work.

Saturday, Apr 30 - 3:00pm

Location: Adventure Pavilion

Survival Explorers

Learning survival strategies isn’t just for adults! Join us to learn survival skills like water purification and making matchless fires with a sampling of our Survival Summer Camp program. Age Range: families and children ages 8-12.


Friday, Apr 29 – 5:00pm

Saturday, Apr 30 - 1:00pm

Location: Adventure Pavilion

Fast is Fun with Pyranha Kayaks

Fast is fun. Learn how to read water and save energy to move down river with maximum efficiency while demoing a 9RII, Scorch, Ripper or 12R.

Previous whitewater experience, a solid roll, and gear (paddle, PFD, skirt, helmet) required. Participants must have a Day Pass, Single Activity Pass, or Annual Pass to participate.

Meet at the Pyranha Tent on Hawk Island.

Saturday, Apr 30 – 12:00pm

Learn to Raft Guide

Learning to guide a raft isn’t just for professionals. Get a taste of what pushing rubber is like in this introduction to paddling. Review skills such as guide positioning, basic strokes, and ferrying, complete with each participant guiding a lap down the Class III Wilderness Channel. The minimum age for this clinic is 16 years old.

This clinic requires a Tuck Fest race and competition registration and meets at the River Center. This clinic is capped at 8 people, and is first come, first serve.

Friday, April 29 – 12:00pm

Location: River Center

Deep Water Solo Athlete Meet and Greet

This year’s Deep Water Solo athletes include World Champions, sponsored athletes, Ninja Warrior competitors, and dedicated athletes who have climbed and competed all over the world, from the hidden crags of Morocco to the iconic El Capitan. Join us for a meet and greet with the Deep Water Solo competitors where athletes will be available for photos, questions, and autographs. The event is free, and no RSVP is necessary.

Meet at the Climbing Center.

Saturday, Apr 30 – 12:30pm